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Company news about How to put out a fire in photovoltaic power station?

How to put out a fire in photovoltaic power station?


Latest company news about How to put out a fire in photovoltaic power station?

As shown in the figure, this is a partial view of a burned photovoltaic connector.




Fortunately, there were no casualties on the scene, but it can be seen from the figure that the components have been burned through and can not be used at all.




It is analyzed that the cause of the accident is the improper operation of the construction personnel, or the construction party does not carry out professional training for the operators, and the unqualified crimping of the photovoltaic connector pin is the main reason for the poor contact between the photovoltaic cable and the connector, which is also one of the incentives for the frequent accidents of the photovoltaic power generation system.


Although the power stations in our photovoltaic industry rarely explode, there are still many safety problems caused by improper operation, equipment damage and other problems, such as spontaneous combustion of components, circuit fire and other problems. Once these problems occur, they will cause huge economic losses at least, and seriously threaten the life safety of power station owners and surrounding neighbors.


Fire is the accident with the greatest loss of economic benefits of photovoltaic power stations. What if your power station catches fire? In case of fire in photovoltaic power station, water cannot be directly used to extinguish the fire. Be sure to evacuate first, and then call professional firefighters to put out the fire!


1、 Basic requirements for fire fighting of roof photovoltaic power station


In case of fire in the roof photovoltaic power station, the fire status should be judged by various means first, and the corresponding power supply should be disconnected to extinguish the fire, because it is safer to extinguish the fire after power failure.


However, when photovoltaic modules receive sunlight radiation in the daytime, each string will generate hundreds of volts of DC voltage, and the power supply cannot be cut off immediately. Or if the fire is put out after the power supply is cut off, the opportunity will be delayed, causing the fire to spread and expanding the burning area. At this time, live fire extinguishing must be carried out under the condition of ensuring the safety of fire extinguishing personnel.


Before live fire extinguishing, try to reduce the DC output current of photovoltaic power generation system, and consider using fire blanket for fire extinguishing. Fire blanket or fire quilt, fire quilt, fire blanket, fire blanket, flame retardant blanket, is a fabric made of glass fiber and other materials through special treatment. It is a very soft fire appliance. Its main function is to block the sunlight, reduce or lose the voltage of photovoltaic modules, cover the fire source and block the air, so as to achieve the purpose of fire extinguishing safely.





Specific use method of fire blanket. At the beginning of the fire, quickly take out the fire blanket. One person holds the two corners of a short side of the fire blanket with his hands facing his chest. The other person holds the two corners of the other short side of the fire blanket with both hands, shakes out the fire blanket, gently covers the fire blanket over the fire components, uses the output voltage to gradually drop, and takes active fire extinguishing measures until the fire object is completely extinguished.


2、 Precautions for specific implementation


Correct selection of fire extinguishing equipment.Generally, it is not allowed to use foam extinguishing agent or water to extinguish the photovoltaic power generation equipment, because the extinguishing agent of foam extinguisher (water solution, jet water flow, etc.) has certain conductivity and affects the insulation of electrical equipment, so it is not suitable for extinguishing electrical equipment.


Generally, chemical dry powder fire extinguishers (ammonium phosphate dry powder fire extinguishers, ammonium phosphate dry powder fire extinguishers) are used.


Sufficient safety distance shall be kept between fire-fighting equipment and live parts. If the fire extinguisher with non-conductive extinguishing agent such as chemical dry powder is used to extinguish the fire, the minimum distance between the body, nozzle and charged body is: the voltage of 10 kV and below shall not be less than 0.4m, and the voltage of 35kV and above shall not be less than 0.6m.


When the high-voltage electrical equipment or line of the photovoltaic power station is grounded, the firefighting personnel shall not enter within 4m from the fault point indoors; Outdoor, the fire-fighting personnel shall not approach within 8m from the fault point. When entering the above range, they must wear insulating shoes (voltage withstand grade above 10kV), and when contacting the equipment shell and frame, they should wear insulating gloves.


Ask professional firefighters for help. If the fire in the photovoltaic power station is very serious and the firefighters are requested to support the fire fighting, the firefighters should be reminded before the fire fighting: the photovoltaic equipment on the roof is still charged, and the DC side power supply cannot be cut off for the time being, and the fire fighting cannot be carried out directly with water.


If it is necessary to use a water gun to extinguish the fire under special circumstances, a spray water gun should be used. When fighting the fire of overhead lines, the elevation angle between the human body and the live conductor should not be greater than 45 °, and should stand outside the line to prevent the wire from falling and touching the human body from electric shock accidents. In addition, if there is a live wire landing, a certain warning area should be marked out to prevent step voltage.

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