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Sunerise is a professional high-tech manufacturer that is specialized in photovoltaic modules.


Sunerise is a professional high-tech enterprise that is specialized in photovoltaic modules. Our company established in 2009


Anhui Sunerise Energy Promises Three Point: One-station Service Commitment、Power generation Warranty Commitment、25 years Guarantee

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Excellent talents are the basis for the realization of enterprise strategic objectives and the driving force for sustainable development

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On June 22, 2021
Japan and the United States reached an agreement at the climate summit to cooperate the "Zero Emissions in year 2050" plan and strengthen measures related to climate change On April 21, Japan time, together with the "Climate Change Summit" hosted by the United States, a special conference on ...
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On April 24, 2020
The 121th Canton Fair was held on 15th-19th ,April,as a professional solar modules manufacturer,we received customers from all over the world and provide professional product solution. Welcome to here and talking about for business or future in solar pv area
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