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Heavy Duty Lithium Ion Battery Pack 9.6KWH CAN RS485 Lithium-ion
  • Heavy Duty Lithium Ion Battery Pack 9.6KWH CAN RS485 Lithium-ion

Heavy Duty Lithium Ion Battery Pack 9.6KWH CAN RS485 Lithium-ion

Place of Origin CHINA
Brand Name MITSCN
Model Number MI-0033
Product Details
Compatible Inverter:
Compatible With Most Of Inverter Brands
Operating Temperature:
-20°C To 60°C
Combination Mode:
Cutomized Package
High Light: 

Lithium-ion Ion Battery Pack


RS485 Ion Battery Pack


9.6KWH Ion Battery Pack

Product Description

Product Description:

The Lithium Storage Battery proudly stands at the forefront of energy solutions, offering a reliable and efficient power source that caters to a multitude of applications. This battery is designed to maximize user convenience and adaptability, featuring advanced technology in the form of a Lifepo4 battery type. Each unit is meticulously packaged in a customized package, ensuring that the battery is delivered in optimal condition, ready to perform to the highest standards.

One of the critical attributes of this Lithium Storage Battery is its unique combination mode, which is configured as 1P15S. This configuration is specifically chosen to provide an ideal balance between power output and longevity, effectively meeting the energy demands of various applications without compromising on performance. Utilizing the 1P15S combination mode also allows for a more streamlined design, making the battery an excellent choice for systems where space efficiency is a key consideration.

At the heart of the Lithium Storage Battery lies the LiFePo4 Prismatic Battery Cell. This cell type is renowned for its stability, safety, and long cycle life, making it a superior choice for a lithium rechargeable battery. The prismatic cells are known for their robustness and their ability to maintain consistent performance even under varying environmental conditions. This ensures that the battery not only offers a dependable power source but also exhibits exceptional durability over time.

In the world of lithium energy storage, communication and monitoring are pivotal. That's why this Lithium Storage Battery is equipped with a versatile communication port that supports RS232, RS485, and CAN protocols. These communication interfaces allow for seamless integration with various control systems and enable real-time monitoring and management of the battery's performance. Whether it's for detailed data logging or for advanced control mechanisms, the inclusion of these ports makes the battery an ideal component for smart energy systems.

The Lithium Storage Battery is synonymous with innovation and reliability, and it stands out as a leading solution for lithium energy storage needs. It has been engineered to cater to a broad spectrum of energy requirements, from residential backup systems to industrial power applications. The LiFePo4 chemistry not only promises a greener footprint but also delivers a high energy density, ensuring that users can harness more power in a smaller, lighter package.

With its combination of advanced features, including the LiFePo4 Prismatic Battery Cell and the flexible communication port, the Lithium Storage Battery sets a new standard for lithium rechargeable batteries. Users can expect an energy storage solution that is not only powerful and versatile but also one that aligns with the growing demand for sustainable and eco-friendly technologies.

Overall, the Lithium Storage Battery represents a significant leap forward in the realm of energy storage solutions. Its customized package, versatile combination mode, and cutting-edge battery cells, combined with the ability to communicate effectively with other devices, make it an ideal choice for anyone looking to invest in a high-quality, long-lasting, and reliable lithium rechargeable battery. Whether for home, business, or industrial use, this battery is poised to deliver exceptional performance and meet the growing challenges of energy storage in the modern world.


  • Product Name: Lithium Storage Battery
  • DoD (Depth of Discharge): 80%
  • Chemistry: Lithium-ion
  • Size: 18650
  • Standard Voltage: 12.8v
  • Energy: 20480 Wh
  • Lithium rechargeable battery
  • Lithium electricity storage device
  • Lithium energy storage

Technical Parameters:

Parameter Description
Operating Temperature -20°C To 60°C
Combination Mode 1P15S
Compatible Inverter Compatible With Most Of Inverter Brands
Package Customized Package
Power 9.6KWH
Max Discharge Current 50A
Size 18650
Standard Voltage 12.8v
Chemistry Lithium-ion
Battery Type LiFePO4


The MITSCN Lithium Storage Battery, model number MI-0033, is a state-of-the-art lithium electricity storage device designed and manufactured in CHINA. With its robust 18650 size form factor and integrated communication ports including RS232, RS485, and CAN, this battery is versatile for a myriad of applications and scenarios. The device thrives across a broad operating temperature range of -20°C to 60°C, ensuring reliability in even the most demanding environments.

This lithium power battery is ideal for use in renewable energy systems like solar panels and wind turbines, where it can store excess energy generated for later use. It's also well-suited for backup power systems in residential and commercial settings, ensuring that critical systems remain operational during power outages. The MITSCN battery's high max discharge current of 50A makes it capable of supporting high-power applications and devices without compromising on performance or safety.

In the realm of electric mobility, the MITSCN lithium rechargeable battery can be deployed in electric vehicles (EVs), offering them a reliable source of power for extended ranges. The battery's LiFePo4 prismatic cells deliver a combination of long life, stability, and safety, which are critical factors for automotive applications. Additionally, its capability to interface with vehicle systems through various communication ports enables smart energy management and real-time diagnostics.

Portable power stations and large-scale energy storage systems also benefit greatly from the incorporation of the MI-0033 battery. In portable power stations, it provides a lightweight yet powerful solution for outdoor activities and emergency power supply, ensuring that electronic devices can be charged and operated off the grid. For larger energy storage applications, these batteries can be scaled and managed seamlessly to create a reliable power bank that can respond to peak demands or provide energy continuity.

Furthermore, the MITSCN battery is an excellent choice for powering industrial equipment, telecommunications infrastructure, and smart home systems. Its durable construction and consistent performance are key for applications that require uninterrupted power supply and long operational lifetimes. The advanced communication ports facilitate integration with various control and monitoring systems, enhancing the efficiency and intelligence of power management strategies.

Overall, the MITSCN model MI-0033 lithium storage battery represents a versatile, reliable, and efficient energy solution for a wide range of applications, reflecting its superior design and engineering from CHINA.


Brand Name: MITSCN

Model Number: MI-0033

Place of Origin: CHINA

Battery Cell: LiFePo4 Prismatic Battery Cell

Communication Port: RS232, RS485, CAN

Chemistry: Lithium-ion

Max Discharge Current: 50A

Communication: CAN/RS485

Discover our MITSCN Lithium electricity storage device, designed to meet the high standards of energy storage. The MI-0033 model is a state-of-the-art Lithium power battery originating from CHINA. It features cutting-edge LiFePo4 Prismatic Battery Cells, ensuring reliability and efficiency. Equipped with multiple communication ports including RS232, RS485, and CAN, this Lithium ion battery pack provides versatile connectivity options. With a Chemistry of Lithium-ion and a Max Discharge Current of 50A, our battery pack is ideal for a range of applications that require dependable and sustainable power solutions.

Support and Services:

Welcome to the Product Technical Support and Services page for our Lithium Storage Battery. We are committed to providing our customers with the highest level of support to ensure the optimal performance and longevity of your battery system. Our support includes a comprehensive range of services designed to address all technical aspects of your Lithium Storage Battery.

Product Installation Guidance: Our team of experts is available to guide you through the installation process of your Lithium Storage Battery. We provide step-by-step instructions to ensure a safe and correct setup.

User Manual and Documentation: Access to a detailed user manual and product documentation is provided, helping you understand the features, safety instructions, and maintenance procedures for your battery system.

Troubleshooting Assistance: If you encounter any issues with your Lithium Storage Battery, our troubleshooting support team is here to help you diagnose and resolve common problems.

Maintenance Tips: To extend the life of your Lithium Storage Battery, we offer maintenance tips and best practices, including proper charging techniques and storage recommendations.

Firmware Updates: Regular firmware updates are available to enhance the functionality and efficiency of your Lithium Storage Battery. We provide instructions on how to safely perform these updates.

Warranty Service: Our Lithium Storage Battery comes with a warranty. Should you experience any defects or malfunctions covered under warranty, we will provide the necessary service or replacement.

Recycling Information: We are dedicated to environmental sustainability. Information on how to properly recycle your Lithium Storage Battery at the end of its lifecycle is available to ensure responsible disposal.

For any additional support needs or questions regarding your Lithium Storage Battery, please refer to the contact section of our website. Our customer service team is eager to assist you with any inquiries you may have.

Packing and Shipping:

Product Packaging for Lithium Storage Battery:

All our Lithium Storage Batteries are packed in high-quality, durable packaging designed to ensure the safety and integrity of the product during transit. Each battery is encased in an anti-static bag to prevent any electrical issues, and surrounded by custom-fit foam inserts that provide additional protection against shocks and vibrations. The outer box is made of heavy-duty corrugated cardboard, clearly marked with the appropriate lithium battery handling symbols to comply with international shipping regulations.

Shipping Information for Lithium Storage Battery:

Our Lithium Storage Batteries are shipped following strict guidelines to ensure safe and compliant transportation. As a hazardous material, we only use certified carriers who specialize in handling and shipping lithium batteries. The batteries are classified and labeled according to UN 38.3 standards, and all necessary documentation including Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) and dangerous goods declarations are provided. Customers will receive tracking information and can expect delivery within the estimated time frame as discussed at the time of purchase. Please note that shipping restrictions may apply to certain countries and regions, based on local regulations regarding lithium batteries.

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