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Long Cycle Life Lithium Ion Storage Battery 12.8V 9.6KWH CAN/RS485 Communication Custom Package
  • Long Cycle Life Lithium Ion Storage Battery 12.8V 9.6KWH CAN/RS485 Communication Custom Package

Long Cycle Life Lithium Ion Storage Battery 12.8V 9.6KWH CAN/RS485 Communication Custom Package

Place of Origin CHINA
Brand Name MITSCN
Model Number MI-0033
Product Details
Cutomized Package
Standard Voltage:
Battery Cell:
LiFePo4 Prismatic Battery Cell
20480 Wh
Combination Mode:
High Light: 

9.6KWH Lithium ion Storage Battery


Custom Package Lithium ion Storage Battery


12.8V Lithium ion Storage Battery

Product Description

Product Description:

The Lithium Storage Battery, a state-of-the-art Lithium battery storage unit, is specifically designed to cater to the growing demands for reliable and efficient energy storage solutions. The battery is crafted in the popular 18650 cell size, a standard dimension that offers a balanced compromise between energy capacity and compactness, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of applications including home energy storage systems, portable power packs, and backup power supplies.

This advanced Lithium energy storage unit boasts a substantial power capacity of 9.6KWH, ensuring that it can handle the energy demands of most household appliances and electronics for an extended period. The standard voltage rating of 12.8V makes it compatible with a myriad of devices and systems, providing a versatile and user-friendly experience. Whether you're looking to store solar energy for nighttime use, provide backup power during outages, or simply reduce your reliance on the grid, this Lithium battery storage unit is up to the task.

At the heart of the battery's exceptional performance is its Lifepo4 chemistry. This type of Lithium Iron Phosphate battery is renowned for its long cycle life, inherent safety, and stability. It offers a significant advantage over other lithium-ion batteries, as it is more resistant to thermal runaway and can withstand higher temperatures without degrading. This means you can expect a reliable and durable energy storage solution that will serve you for years to come.

The integration of sophisticated communication ports including RS232, RS485, and CAN, is a standout feature of this Lithium battery storage unit. These interfaces allow for seamless integration and communication with various energy management systems and smart home devices. You can monitor and control the state of your battery, optimize its performance, and ensure it operates at peak efficiency with little to no manual intervention. Whether you're a tech-savvy homeowner or an industrial user, these communication capabilities put you in full control of your energy storage system.

The Lithium Storage Battery's Lifepo4 chemistry not only provides safety and longevity but also eco-friendliness. The materials used in Lifepo4 batteries are less harmful to the environment compared to other lithium-ion batteries, making this product a greener choice for those who are conscious about their ecological footprint. As the world moves towards renewable energy, the Lithium Storage Battery stands as a responsible choice for sustainable energy management.

With its compact 18650 size, the Lithium Storage Battery also offers the advantage of modularity. It can be easily integrated into larger banks or arrays to achieve the desired capacity for any application. Whether you need a single battery for a small project or a vast array for an industrial-scale operation, this product's flexibility makes it a smart investment.

In conclusion, the Lithium Storage Battery is an exceptional Lithium energy storage solution that combines size, power, communication, voltage, and safety into one impressive package. Its Lifepo4 chemistry ensures long-term reliability and environmental friendliness, while its sophisticated communication ports offer unprecedented control and integration capabilities. Whether for residential or commercial use, this Lithium battery storage unit is designed to meet the challenges of today's energy demands and is a testament to the future of energy storage technology.


  • Product Name: Lithium Storage Battery
  • Energy: 20480 Wh - High-capacity lithium electricity storage device
  • Max Discharge Current: 50A - Ensuring robust performance for high-power applications
  • Standard Voltage: 12.8v - Optimal voltage for lithium energy storage systems
  • Communication: CAN/RS485 - Advanced communication protocols for lithium energy storage management
  • Power: 9.6KWH - Reliable and substantial power output for various uses

Technical Parameters:

Attribute Details
Size 18650
Package Customized Package
Battery Type Lifepo4
Dod 80%
Chemistry Lithium-ion
Combination Mode 1P15S
Compatible Inverter Compatible With Most Of Inverter Brands
Max Discharge Current 50A
Operating Temperature -20°C To 60°C
Communication Port RS232, RS485, CAN


The MITSCN brand, renowned for high-quality energy storage solutions, presents the model MI-0033, a state-of-the-art lithium power battery designed to meet the diverse needs of modern power consumption. As a product originating from CHINA, it brings together reliability and performance in a compact package, making it an ideal candidate for a multitude of applications and scenarios.

Boasting a substantial power capacity of 9.6KWh, this lithium battery storage unit is versatile enough to support various electrical loads in different settings. It seamlessly integrates with most inverter brands, ensuring a broad compatibility range that enhances its suitability for numerous systems. Whether it's for residential, commercial, or industrial use, the MI-0033 stands as a reliable source of power when it's needed most.

What truly sets the MI-0033 apart is its use of the 18650-size LiFePo4 Prismatic Battery Cell, which is known for its stability and longevity. This ensures that the product not only has a high energy density but also maintains an excellent cycle life. With a Depth of Discharge (DoD) of 80%, it strikes a perfect balance between energy utilization and the preservation of battery life.

This lithium power battery is perfect for home energy storage systems, where it can store excess energy generated from solar panels during the day and power a home at night or during power outages. It is also an ideal solution for off-grid living, providing a dependable and consistent power source in remote areas without access to the conventional power grid.

In commercial settings, the MITSCN MI-0033 serves as a robust lithium battery storage unit that can help manage energy usage more effectively. It can be used for peak shaving, load shifting, or as an emergency backup, ensuring that businesses maintain operational continuity even during power interruptions. Furthermore, its compatibility with various inverters allows for easy integration into existing infrastructure.

Industrial operations that require a reliable and efficient energy source can significantly benefit from the MI-0033. It can support critical processes by supplying power to machinery, safeguarding against production losses due to power failures. The lithium power battery's durability and high capacity make it an excellent choice for heavy-duty applications where reliability is paramount.

To sum up, the MITSCN MI-0033 lithium battery storage unit is a versatile and powerful solution for a wide range of energy storage applications. From residential backup systems to commercial energy management and industrial power supply, this product delivers exceptional performance, ensuring that your power needs are always met with reliability and efficiency.


Brand Name: MITSCN

Model Number: MI-0033

Place of Origin: CHINA

Dod (Depth of Discharge): 80%

Standard Voltage: 12.8v

Combination Mode: 1P15S

Max Discharge Current: 50A

Energy: 20480 Wh

Introducing the MITSCN MI-0033, a high-performance Lithium ion battery pack designed for efficiency and reliability. Crafted in CHINA, this Lithium power battery boasts an impressive 80% depth of discharge, ensuring long-lasting power and energy storage. With a standard voltage of 12.8v and an energy capacity of 20480 Wh, it's the ideal Lithium battery storage unit for a variety of applications. The combination mode of 1P15S and a max discharge current of 50A guarantees that your energy needs are met with consistency and safety.

Support and Services:

Thank you for choosing our Lithium Storage Battery product. We are committed to providing you with high-quality support and services to ensure the optimal performance of your battery system. Our technical support services offer a range of solutions to meet your needs, including:

Installation Guidance: Detailed instructions and support for the correct installation of your lithium storage battery, ensuring safety and compliance with relevant standards.

Troubleshooting Assistance: Expert advice and step-by-step guidance to help you diagnose and resolve any issues you may encounter with your battery system.

Maintenance Tips: Recommendations for routine maintenance and care to prolong the life of your battery and maintain its efficiency and reliability.

Product Documentation: Access to comprehensive user manuals, technical specifications, and safety information for your reference and education.

Firmware Updates: Notifications and support for firmware updates that enhance the performance and features of your lithium storage battery.

Recycling Information: Guidance on how to safely recycle your lithium storage battery at the end of its lifecycle, in accordance with environmental regulations.

Our technical support team is dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction and is available to provide assistance with any product-related inquiries. For further support or information, please refer to the contact section of our website or consult the product documentation provided with your battery.

Packing and Shipping:

Product Packaging for Lithium Storage Battery:

Our Lithium Storage Battery is packaged with the utmost care to ensure safe delivery. Each battery is housed in a sturdy, non-conductive plastic frame that is designed to minimize movement and absorb shock. This frame is then placed within a durable cardboard box that is lined with cushioning material to provide additional protection against impacts and vibrations during transit.

The exterior of the box is clearly labeled with the appropriate lithium battery handling symbols, as well as hazard and warning labels as required by transportation regulations. We also include a detailed instruction sheet for safe handling and installation of the battery. To prevent any potential short circuits, all terminals are covered with protective caps.

For added security, the entire package is sealed with tamper-evident tape, ensuring that you can easily identify if the package has been opened or tampered with during shipping.

Shipping Information for Lithium Storage Battery:

We take the shipping of Lithium Storage Batteries very seriously, adhering to all international and domestic regulations governing the transportation of lithium batteries. Our shipping partners are specially trained in the handling and transportation of hazardous materials.

Each shipment is accompanied by the necessary documentation, including a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), to ensure that all parties involved in the transportation process are informed of the contents and the precautions needed when handling these batteries.

We offer a range of shipping options to meet various delivery timelines and budget requirements. However, due to the nature of lithium batteries, we cannot ship to all locations, and there may be additional charges or restrictions for shipping to certain areas. Please consult with our customer service team to confirm if we can deliver to your specified location.

All shipments are trackable, and you will be provided with a tracking number upon dispatch so you can monitor your order's progress until it arrives safely at your destination. In the event of any shipping issues, our customer support is available to assist you.

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