June 22, 2021

"Zero Emissions in year 2050" Plan by Japan and United States

Japan and the United States reached an agreement at the climate summit to cooperate the "Zero Emissions in year 2050" plan and strengthen measures related to climate change


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On April 21, Japan time, together with the "Climate Change Summit" hosted by the United States, a special conference on shipping and oceans was held in the form of a web conference.


Participants of the meeting included bureaucrats from 10 countries including Japan and the United States. Among them, the US special envoy for climate change Kelly stated that he would work with each country to achieve zero emissions and the International Maritime Organization (IMO) reduction target by 2050. .


The Japanese attending the meeting was the Chairman of the IMO Marine Environmental Protection Committee, Hideaki Sato, Technical Review Officer.


He said that as a major shipping and shipbuilding country, Japan will work with each country to contribute to IMO International by 2028 in order to achieve zero ship emissions and decarbonization of international shipping.


In addition, other bureaucrats participating in the parliament also stated clearly that in order to achieve zero emissions from ships, they will work hard to strengthen global climate change countermeasures.

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