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GRES-300-200 BESS Energy Storage System 200kW 303A 300kWh
  • GRES-300-200 BESS Energy Storage System 200kW 303A 300kWh

GRES-300-200 BESS Energy Storage System 200kW 303A 300kWh

Place of Origin China
Brand Name MITSCN
Certification ISO
Product Details
Battery Capacity:
PCS Capacity:
Battery Energy Storage System
Rated Output Power:
BESS System
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Solar Energy Storage
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GRES-300-200 BESS


BESS Energy Storage System 200kW


303A BESS Energy Storage System

Product Description

GRES-300-200 Battery Energy Storage System 200kW 300kWh


Grid Renewable Energy Storage Power Supply (GRES) is an intelligent and modular power supply equipment integrating lithium battery and PCS, which can have access to new energy, power grid, diesel generator to provide users with green, environmental protection, noise-free, high reliability, and high-security power services such as solar battery storage.


Battery capacity:300kWh
PCS capacity:200KW


Application value of Solar Energy Storage

New energy integration
To realize the reasonable allocation of wind, solar and other new energy, solar electricity battery storage, energy storage battery and power grid.

Uninterruptible power supply
Mobile energy storage can operate in on-grid or off-grid to ensure uninterruptible power supply for key loads.

Price difference between peak and valley
Lithium can benefit from the price difference between peak and valley.

Improving power quality
Solar energy storage devices improve power factor, reduce voltage and current harmonics, adjust three-phase imbalance.

Specifications of Off Grid Energy Storage

Model GRES-300-200 GRES-600-400 GRES-900-600
AC parameter (on-grid)
Rated output power (kW) 200 400 600
Rated current (A) 303 606 909
Rated voltage (V) 3W+N+PE, 380
Grid voltage range -15%~10%
Rated grid frequency (Hz) 50/60
Grid frequency range (Hz) ±2
THDI <3%(at rated power)
Power factor >0.99
Adjustable range of power factor ±1
Overload ability 105%
AC parameter (off-grid)
Rated output power (kW) 200 400 600
Rated current (A) 303 606 909
Rated voltage (V) 3W+N+PE, 380
THDV <3%(linear load)
Rated frequency (Hz) 50/60
Overload ability 105%
Cell type Lithium iron phosphate LiFePO4
Battery pack capacity (kWh) 5 10 15
Battery system capacity (kWh) 76.8 153.6 230.4
Running time(h) 1 (Change battery pack qty. to option other time)
Battery life span 25℃ 0.5C/0.5C EOL80% ≥2000次
Basic parameter
On and off grid switching device STS
Operate altitude (m) 4000(>2000 derating)
Display Touch screen
Communication interface RS485,CAN,LAN
Communication protocol Modbus-RTU,Modbus-TCP,CAN2.0B
Size (W*D*H)mm 2400*1540*2300 2400*2300*2300 2400*3060*2300

GRES Static Generator Key features

Safe and reliable
High-quality li-ion cell; Intelligent air cooling design, long service life;
IP54, safe and reliable operation in outdoor environment;
Serially designed PCS and battery pack eliminates circulating current and improves grid connected renewable energy system reliability. Integrated BMS, DC, AC multi-layer protection, maximum safety performance design.


Efficient and Convenient
No air conditioning design, high energy efficiency.
Modular design, easy for installation, maintenance and capacity expansion;
Easy access to PV and diesel generator;
Fixed on the ground or mounted on vehicle, can be loaded and unloaded by forklift and hoisted by lifting ring;
Remote monitoring and equipment management, remote troubleshooting and data analysis.


Cost optimization
One investment, multiple benefits: Peak shaving, backup power supply, micro grid building, power quality improving and great application in the solar battery energy storage system, etc.
Small size, light weight, less space and installation cost;
Long cycle life, low failure rate, reduce operation and maintenance investment;
Maximize green energy utilization.

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