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RS485 CAN 160Ah ESS Energy Storage System 480/768kWh
  • RS485 CAN 160Ah ESS Energy Storage System 480/768kWh

RS485 CAN 160Ah ESS Energy Storage System 480/768kWh

Place of Origin China
Brand Name MITSCN
Certification ISO
Product Details
System Capacity:
ESS Energy Storage System
Rated Power:
160Ah Lithium Batteries ESS
Communication Ports:
High Light: 

160Ah ESS Energy Storage System


RS485 CAN 160Ah ESS System


RS485 ESS Energy Storage System

Product Description

160Ah Lithium Batteries ESS Energy Storage System


EFS480-160EⅡB / EFS768-160EⅡB
System capacity: 160Ah
Rated power: 480/768kWh
weight: 800/1200kg


Specifications of high power lithium ion battery

EFS480-120EⅡB EFS768-120EⅡB EFS480-280EⅡB EFS768-280EⅡB
10 battery pack+1 control module 16 battery pack+1 control module 12 battery pack+1 control module 20 battery pack+1 control module
1C 1C 0.5C 0.5C
1C 1C 0.5C 0.5C
120Ah 120Ah 280Ah 280Ah
57.6 92.16 129 215
480 768 460 768
375~547.5 600~876 360~525.6 600~876
Active equalization BMS Active equalization BMS Active equalization BMS Active equalization BMS
1000*650*1350 1000*650*2000 1000*700*2000 1400*700*2200
800 1200 1200 1900
25℃ 1C/1C 100%DOD EOL80% ≥5000times 25℃ 1C/1C
EOL80% ≥5000times
25℃ 0.5C/0.5C
EOL80% ≥3000times
25℃ 0.5C/0.5C
EOL80% ≥3000times


Are lithium iron phosphate batteries safe?

High power lithium ion battery safety always comes first from initial modeling, design, to production, testing, and application.
Fully automated workshop, advanced management, quality product delivery experience.
Product test and quality control at each level to ensure higher reliability of the system.
The air supply duct is designed inside the module to ensure the uniformity of cells’ temperature to maintain good consistency.
Three-level architecture BMS design, adaptive equalization, equalization accuracy less than 2%, equalization capacity reaches
10% of rated output, and it always protects the safety of the battery system all the time.


High power lithium ion battery provides long-lasting, efficient and controllable high-quality power!

Advantages of High energy density lithium batteries

The high power lithium battery with long cycle life and high energy density is selected as the High Energy
Density Lithium Ion Batteries, to provide stable, long-lasting power supply for UPS,EPS,PCS or other loads. With proven BMS triple level protection to ensure longer cycle life and reliability,high energy density lithium batteries can provide power for a longer period but with a low cost per kWh. High power li ion battery is really a good “marathon runner” in energy storage products.

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