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3.6KW-5KW Bi Directional Inverter And Energy Storage System
  • 3.6KW-5KW Bi Directional Inverter And Energy Storage System

3.6KW-5KW Bi Directional Inverter And Energy Storage System

Place of Origin China
Brand Name MITSCN
Certification ISO
Product Details
Off Grid Solar Inverter
Product Name:
Bi-Directional Energy Storage Inverters
Rated Power:
Rated Battery Voltage (V):
Power Rating (W):
3600 4200 4600 5000
Discharge Waveform:
Pure Sine Wave
Battery Type:
Lead-acid Battery / Lithium Battery
High Light: 

5KW Bi Directional Inverter


3.6KW Bi Directional Inverter


3.6KW inverter bidirectional

Product Description

MITPC1K (3.6KW-5KW) Bi-Directional Energy Storage Inverters


MITPC1K series products are bi-directional energy storage inverters, suitable for photovoltaic systems with batteries to store energy. To maximize the energy generated by the photovoltaic system to the load; If there is spare energy left to charge the battery, it will be sold to the grid when there is still spare energy. When the pv energy output is insufficient to support the connected load, the system automatically draws energy from the battery if the battery power is sufficient. If the battery is not powerful enough to meet the load, energy is drawn from the grid. Widely used in household energy storage, communication base station.

3.6KW-5KW Bi Directional Inverter And Energy Storage System 0

MITPC1K (3.6KW-5KW) Bi-Directional Energy Storage Inverters

power rating (W) 3600 4200 4600 5000
Rated battery voltage (V) 48
Photovoltaic Input (DC)
Maximum recommended DC power (W) 4100 4800 5300 5750
Rated DC working voltage (V) 360
Large DC voltage (V) 550
MPPT voltage range (V) 120~550
Maximum input current (A) 11/11
Maximum short-circuit current (A) 15/15
MPPT, and for the input quantity 2
Number of MPPT group strings per route 1
Inverter Output (AC)
Rated AC output power (W) 3600 4200 4600 5000
Rated output voltage (V); range (V) 220/230/240;180-280
AC Frequency (Hz); Frequency Range (Hz) 50/60;45~55/55-65
Rated Output current (A) 15.7 18.3 20.0 21.8
Maximum output current (A) 16.4 19.1 21.0 22.8
Output current harmonics (THDI) <3%
rated power factor 1
Power factor range 0.8 ahead of ~ 0.8 lag
Battery Mode Output (AC)
Output rated power 2300
Rated output voltage (V); precision range 230±1%
Output frequency (Hz); precision range 50 / 60 (optional) ± 0.2%
Output rated current (A) 10
discharge waveform pure sine wave
Output current harmonics (THDI) <3%
The Battery & Charger
Battery type Lead-acid battery / lithium battery
cell voltage (V) 48
Battery Voltage Range (V) 40~60
charging curve The 3 paragraph
Over-current protection / overheat protection Yes, /, yes
Maximum charge and discharge power (W) 2500 / 2500
Maximum charge and discharge current (A) 50 / 50
peak efficiency 97.3%
European efficiency 96.8%
MPPT productiveness 99.9%
DC input switch yes
Power grid detection yes
Output over-current protection yes
Output overpressure protection yes
Ground fault detection yes
Integrated leakage current protection device yes
Dimensions (width, * height, * deep) (mm) 480*420*215
net weight (kg) 25 25 27 27
DC connection H4 / MC4
AC electrical connection binding post
show Light-emitting diode + LCD screen
communication interface Wireless Network / USB / GPRS / RS485‎
levels of protection Level of protection, IP65
humidity 0~95% RH (no condensation)
operating temperature range -20℃ + 60℃; 45℃
Heat dissipation mode natural cooling
height <3,000 m
Note: We are committed to technological innovation, constantly providing better products and services to meet customer needs, and update to product design and technical specifications without notice.The physical product shall prevail.‎

MITPC1K (3.6KW-5KW) Bi-Directional Energy Storage Inverters

Product features

  • Adopt fan-less and natural heat dissipation design, protection grade reaches IP65, suitable for outdoor use
  • Two MPPT inputs are used to track the maximum power of solar panels with different installation modes
  • The wide MPPT voltage range of 120-550V is used to ensure the reasonable connection of solar panels
  • The grid-connected side without transformer design, high efficiency, maximum efficiency up to 97.5%
  • With over voltage, over current, overload, over frequency, over temperature short circuit protection functions
  • Adopt hd and large LCD display module, which can read various data and set various functions
  • There are three working modes: load priority mode, energy storage mode and UPS mode, and the priority level can be set
  • With USB, RS485, WIFI and other communication functions, through the host computer software or APP monitoring data
  • The grid-connected and disconnected network reaches MS level
  • It has two output interfaces for main load and ordinary load, which can ensure the continuous use of important load
  • It can be used with lithium battery
  • Anti-countercurrent function can be set to sell or not to sell electricity (optional)

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