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RS232 RS485 51.2V Solar LiFePo4 Battery 50ah High Cycle Life
  • RS232 RS485 51.2V Solar LiFePo4 Battery 50ah High Cycle Life

RS232 RS485 51.2V Solar LiFePo4 Battery 50ah High Cycle Life

Place of Origin China
Brand Name MITSCN
Certification ISO
Product Details
MITPI 16-4850
Nominal Voltage:
51.2 V
Nominal Capacity:
50 Ah
2560 Wh
Module Parallel:
Up To 3 Packs
High Light: 

RS485 51.2V Solar LiFePo4 Battery


RS232 51.2V Solar LiFePo4 Battery


50ah 51.2V Solar LiFePo4

Product Description

MITPI 16-4850(51.2v 50Ah )


High cycle life

4000 cycles @80% DoD for effectively lower total of ownership cost

Longer service life


Built in circuit protection

Battery Management System (BMS) is incorporated Pagainstabuse.

Better storage

up to 6 months thanks to its extremely low self discharge (LSD) rate and no risk of sulphation.

Quickly recharge

Save time and increase productivity with less down time thanks to superior charge/discharge efficiency.

Extreme heat tolerance

Suitable for use in a wider range of applications where ambient temperature is unusually high: up to +60°C.


Lithium batteries provide more Wh/Kg while also being up to 1/3 the weight of its SLA equivalent.



Nominal Voltage 51.2 V
Nominal Capacity 50 Ah
Capacity @ 20A 150 min
Energy 2560 Wh
Communication CAN2.0/RS232/RS485
Resistance ≤45 mΩ @ 50% SOC
Efficiency 96%
Module Parallel Up to 3 packs



Recommended Charge Current 20A
Maximum Charge Current 50A
Recommended Charge Voltage 57.6V
BMS Charge Cut-Off Voltage <58.4 V (3.65V/Cell)
Reconnect Voltage >57.6 V (3.6V/Cell)
Balancing Voltage <57.6 V (3.6V/Cell)
Maximum Batteries in Series 16 (*Consult MUST)




Dimension (L x W x H) 525 x 350 x 135 mm
20.7 x 13.8 x 5.3”
Approx. Weight 10.5 lbs (23 kg)
Terminal Type DIN POST
Terminal Torque 80 ~ 100 in-lbs (9 ~ 11 N-m)
Case Material SPPC
Enclosure Protection IP65




Maximum Continuous Discharge Current 50 A
Peak Discharge Current 60 A (3s)
BMS Discharge Cut-Off Current 75 A (300ms)
Balancing open voltage 55.2V (3.45V/Cell)
Recommended Low Voltage Disconnect 44 V (2.75V/Cell)
BMS Discharge Cut-Off Voltage >32.0V (2s) (2.0V/Cell)
Reconnect Voltage >40.0 V (2.5V/Cell)
Short Circuit Protection 250 ~ 500 μs




Discharge Temperature -4 ~ 131 ºF (-20 ~ 55 ºC)
Charge Temperature -4 ~ 113 ºF (0 ~ 45 ºC)
Storage Temperature 23 ~ 95 ºF (-5 ~ 35 ºC)
BMS High Temperature Cut-Off 149 ºF (65 ºC)
Reconnect Temperature 131 ºF (55 ºC)




Heating Temperature Range -4 to 41 ºF (-20 to 5 ºC)
Heating Time Approximately 1 hour @ 7.5 A
BMS Heating Foil Cut-Off 158 ºF (70 ºC)




Certifications CE (battery) UN38.3 (battery)
UL1642 & IEC62133 (cells)
Shipping Classification UN 3480, CLASS 9



L mm(”) W mm(”) H mm(”)
525(20.7) 350 (13.8) 135 (5.3)







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