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Monocrystalline TOPCON Solar Panel Durable Aluminum Alloy Construction
  • Monocrystalline TOPCON Solar Panel Durable Aluminum Alloy Construction

Monocrystalline TOPCON Solar Panel Durable Aluminum Alloy Construction

Brand Name MITSCN
Model Number MI-009
Product Details
Junction Box:
Connector Type:
Frame Material:
Aluminum Alloy
Maximum Power Output:
Maximum Module Efficiency:
Glass Type:
Tempered Glass
High Light: 

TOPCON Solar Panel


Monocrystalline TOPCON Solar Panel

Product Description

Product Description:


  • Product Name: TOPCON Solar Panel
  • Connector Type: MC4
  • Maximum Module Efficiency: 22.28%
  • Material: Monocrystalline
  • Backsheet Material: White PET
  • Operating Temperature: -40°C To +85°C
  • TOPCON Solar Module
  • TOPCON Photovoltaic Panel
  • TOPCON Solar Blanket

Technical Parameters:

Product Name TOPCON Solar Panel
Product Type TOPCON Solar Module
Junction Box IP68
Maximum Power Output 425W
Frame Material Aluminum Alloy
Maximum Module Efficiency 22.28%
Weight 18.5 Kg
Glass Type Tempered Glass
Backsheet Material White PET
Material Monocrystalline
Power 540w 550w 560w
Certifications CE, TUV, IEC, UL


TOPCON Solar Panel - MI-009
Brand Name: MITSCN

MITSCN is a leading manufacturer of solar panels, known for their high-quality and innovative products in the renewable energy industry. Their latest addition to their product line is the TOPCON Solar Panel - MI-009, designed to meet the growing demand for eco-friendly and efficient energy solutions.

Model Number: MI-009

The MI-009 is the model number for TOPCON Solar Panel, a compact and lightweight solar panel that is perfect for outdoor use. It is designed to provide a reliable and sustainable source of energy for various applications and environments.

Glass Type: Tempered Glass

The TOPCON Solar Panel is made with high-quality tempered glass, making it durable and able to withstand extreme weather conditions. This type of glass is also known for its transparency, allowing maximum sunlight penetration for efficient energy conversion.

Material: Monocrystalline

The solar cells used in the TOPCON Solar Panel are made from monocrystalline, which is known for its high efficiency in converting sunlight into electricity. This ensures that the solar panel can produce a significant amount of energy even in low light conditions.

Backsheet Material: White PET

The backsheet of the TOPCON Solar Panel is made with white PET, a durable and lightweight material that provides excellent protection for the solar cells. It is also resistant to UV rays, ensuring that the solar panel can withstand long-term exposure to sunlight.

Operating Temperature: -40°C To +85°C

The TOPCON Solar Panel can operate in a wide range of temperatures, from -40°C to +85°C, making it suitable for various outdoor environments. This makes it a reliable energy source for activities such as camping, hiking, and other outdoor adventures.

Junction Box: IP68

The TOPCON Solar Panel is equipped with an IP68-rated junction box, which provides protection against dust, water, and other environmental elements. This ensures that the solar panel can function efficiently and safely in different weather conditions.

Application and Scenarios

The TOPCON Solar Panel - MI-009 is a versatile and practical solution for various applications and scenarios, including:

  • Outdoor Activities - The lightweight and compact design of the solar panel make it perfect for outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, and boating. It can easily be carried and used to power devices like smartphones, cameras, and lights.
  • Off-Grid Living - For those living in remote areas without access to the grid, the TOPCON Solar Panel can provide a reliable and sustainable source of energy. It can power essential appliances and devices, reducing the dependence on traditional energy sources.
  • Emergency Situations - During emergencies, when the power supply is disrupted, the TOPCON Solar Panel can be a lifesaver. It can provide a backup power source for essential devices, such as radios, phones, and emergency lights.
  • Environmental Projects - The use of renewable energy sources is essential for environmental sustainability. The TOPCON Solar Panel can be used in environmental projects such as remote weather stations, wildlife monitoring, and remote water pumps.

Overall, the TOPCON Solar Panel - MI-009 is a reliable, efficient, and eco-friendly energy solution for various applications and scenarios. With its high-quality materials and innovative design, it is a testament to MITSCN's commitment to providing sustainable energy solutions for a better future.


TOPCON Solar Panel Customization Service

Welcome to the world of MITSCN, where we specialize in providing top-of-the-line solar panel solutions. Our brand, TOPCON, is known for its high-quality and reliable solar products that are designed to meet the ever-growing demand for sustainable energy solutions. With our customizable services, we aim to exceed your expectations and provide you with a solar panel that perfectly fits your needs.

Brand Name: MITSCN

MITSCN is a renowned brand in the solar industry, known for its commitment to quality and innovation. Our team of experts works tirelessly to create the best solar panels that are efficient, durable, and cost-effective.

Model Number: MI-009

Our customizable TOPCON Solar Panel comes with the model number MI-009, which represents our dedication to providing cutting-edge solar technology. This model is designed to meet the diverse energy needs of our customers and deliver exceptional performance.

Warranty: 25 Years Linear Power Output Warranty

At MITSCN, we believe in providing our customers with the best-in-class products that offer long-term benefits. That's why our TOPCON Solar Panel comes with a 25-year linear power output warranty, ensuring that you get the most out of your investment.

Type: Monocrystalline

Our TOPCON Solar Panel is made with high-quality monocrystalline cells, which are known for their efficiency and durability. This type of solar panel is ideal for residential, commercial, and industrial applications, providing reliable and sustainable energy solutions.

Material: Monocrystalline

We use the same material, monocrystalline, for our solar panels to ensure consistency and reliability in our products. This material is known for its ability to convert sunlight into electricity at a higher rate, making it the preferred choice for solar panels.

Junction Box: IP68

Our TOPCON Solar Panel comes with an IP68 rated junction box, which provides superior protection against dust, water, and other environmental factors. This ensures that your solar panel remains safe and functional, even in harsh weather conditions.

Operating Temperature: -40°C To +85°C

Our TOPCON Solar Panel is designed to withstand extreme temperatures, making it suitable for use in different climatic conditions. With an operating temperature range of -40°C to +85°C, our solar panel can provide reliable energy solutions, no matter where you are.

Choose MITSCN for all your solar panel customization needs and experience the power of TOPCON Solar Module and TOPCON Solar Blanket. Contact us today to get started!

Packing and Shipping:

TOPCON Solar Panel
Packaging and Shipping

Each TOPCON solar panel is carefully packaged and shipped to ensure safe delivery to our customers. The packaging process includes the following steps:

  1. The solar panel is first wrapped in protective foam to prevent any damage during transportation.
  2. It is then placed in a sturdy cardboard box with additional cushioning material for added protection.
  3. The box is sealed and labeled with the TOPCON logo and product information.
  4. For larger orders, multiple panels are packaged together on a pallet and shrink-wrapped for secure transportation.

We work with trusted shipping partners to ensure timely and efficient delivery of our products. Shipping options include:

  • Ground shipping for domestic orders
  • Air freight for international orders
  • Expedited shipping for urgent requests

Our team carefully monitors each shipment to ensure on-time delivery and will provide tracking information for customers to track their orders. We also offer special packaging options for customers with specific shipping requirements.

At TOPCON, we take great care in packaging and shipping our solar panels to provide our customers with the best possible experience. We are committed to delivering the highest quality products and services to our valued customers.


  • Q: What is the brand name of this product?
  • A: The brand name of this product is MITSCN.
  • Q: What is the model number of this product?
  • A: The model number of this product is MI-009.
  • Q: What is the maximum power output of this solar panel?
  • A: The maximum power output of this solar panel is 250 watts.
  • Q: Is this solar panel suitable for outdoor use?
  • A: Yes, this solar panel is designed for outdoor use and can withstand various weather conditions.
  • Q: How long is the warranty period for this product?
  • A: The warranty period for this product is 5 years.

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